Chainsaw Safety Level 2

Saturday November 10th, 2018 at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 training. Participants in Level 2 SAWW training will refine and build upon chainsaw proficiency skills learned in Level 1.

This course is certified through the Safety and Woods Working (SAWW) training program and is part of a four-level series designed to increase safety and efficiency of chainsaw use.

Participants in Level 2 training will spend part of the morning in the classroom, and at least 5 hours outside practicing techniques to operate chainsaws safely, comfortably and productively. Topics covered include basic chainsaw maintenance, review of the cutter tooth and hands-on sharpening, introduction to wedges, planning and executing tree felling, planning and executing limbing and bucking. Level 2 participants will sharpen their own saws, may fell trees against lean, and learn advanced bucking techniques. Hands-on training gives participants the opportunity to fell or limb at least one tree.

Participants must bring a safety helmet, and are strongly encouraged to bring all PPE (eye protection, helmet, chaps, suitable footwear and gloves), chainsaw and any tools used to maintain the saw and sharpen chain.

Cost: KWC Members $140, Non-members $160

Lunch: bring a bag lunch

Instructor: Luke Saunders, Forester with Adaptive Restoration LLC, SAWW-certified trainer, experienced sawyer and horse logger

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Level 2 Pricing