Fall Maple Sap Run

The title isn’t a typo. Maple trees really do run sap in the fall, and I have pictures to prove it. Maple run sap any time the temperature goes below freezing at night and warms up nicely during the day. We had many great days for sap runs this fall. The temps were in the 20s overnight, and we had warm, sunny weather during the day.

Those of you who know tree bark will notice that the tree in the picture is a red maple, but the sugar maple ran that day too. I wasn’t tapping trees though, I was collecting and increment core to age the tree. I was cruising a property that I’m writing a Wisconsin Managed Forest Law Program plan for.

Fall maple sap run

Not many people tap their trees in the fall, partly because tradition dictates that tapping happens in the spring. There’s some evidence that fall tapping lowers spring sap flow, and sugar content is lower in the fall. But, if you have a hankering for fresh syrup, you can make it in the fall.

Have any of you tapped your trees in the fall? How did it go?

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