Member Testimonials

“I’ve always been a “hands-on” learner and have learned a lot through the experiences of others as well as through my own mistakes. The educational resources and events I’ve found through KWC offers the perfect mix of “hands-on”, co-operative education and forward thinking.”KWC Member
“We had a mandatory cut and needed assistance to meet the requirements of the MFL contract and wanted to hear another voice other than a DNR Forester. Kickapoo Woods Cooperative was that voice.”KWC Member
“KWC forester was very informative. He pointed out things I hadn’t known about or even considered.”KWC Member
“I considered myself knowledgeable about my woodlands compared to other landowners I know, and learned even more from the good forester I worked with through KWC.”KWC Member
“I have a lot to learn about my woodlands, but the Woods Walk with Thomas made me even more curious.”KWC Member
“ I have learned a lot through the guidance of KWC and look forward to lifelong learning.”KWC Member
“It was helpful to learn the real story about some of the logging practices and what timer is marketable and what is not.”KWC Member
“The Woods Walk with the KWC forester revealed my ignorance of my woodlands, still so much to learn. I look forward to working with KWC to become a better educated woodland owner.”KWC Member
“KWC is conservation minded group and trusted advisor for timber sales.”KWC Member
“Great people who really care about what is important.”KWC Member
“I appreciate very much how closely KWC works with their members to educate and assist in management of properties.”KWC Member
“I feel KWC is a meaningful community and resource to keep me connected to the wider community and help me make meaningful choices for my land.”KWC Member
“I bought my land primarily for hunting and building a small cabin. I feel KWC can help me better manage it for wildlife habitat.”KWC Member
“I had not previously owned forest land and KWC provided information and guidance to help manage the forest properly.”KWC Member
“In general I value the cooperative model. The workshops are great and having Thomas visit the property was helpful.”KWC Member
“KWC offers unbiased education programs and good peer to peer contacts.”KWC Member
“KWC offers local experts through a cooperative organization with a diverse offering of services and skills. It is a viable option to commercial government services which are not well versed in my preferred forestry practices.”KWC Member
“KWC educational mission and services are aligned with my values.”KWC Member
“We became a member of KWC because it is a local cooperative that values sustainable forestry and is not driven by log buyer forestry.”KWC Member
“The ability to have a trusted forester walk my property and provide advice brought me to KWC. I liked the idea of joining a group of fellow woodland landowners.”KWC Member
“Our property is scheduled to be reviewed as per the MFL this year. I felt that joining KWC would help us learn more and streamline the process for us by helping us understand what needs to be done and the ways to achieve that.”KWC Member
“KWC educational workshops cover topics that you can’t find anywhere else.”KWC Member
“KWC is a cooperative. I am a strong believer in cooperatives. I like the personal attention that you get when working with coops.”KWC Member
“KWC provided us with unbiased information about woodland management.”KWC Member
“KWC is aligned with our mission of valuing the woodlands as more than a source of timber income.”KWC Member
“We found KWC to be local experts that know the unique challenges the Driftless region creates for managing woodlands.”KWC Member
“We are grateful for the KWC community! Thank You!”KWC Member