Wanted: Birch Trees & Poplar Trees

We use birch bark in our business and need to harvest it in June and July. We prefer trees on the North slopes, away from the woods edge, with long, minimal branch trunks. We need larger trees with minimum 8″ diameter at breast height. We like to incorporate woods management practices and are willing to work with the esires. We need to harvest 8 to 10 trees, which means we need to work in an area of the woods that has more than that number to choose from. Not all birch trees will peel and we need specific bark. We will cut up branches and pile for wildlife. The main trunk will be left for firewood.

The poplar trees need to be about 50 to 60 years old,  exceptionally large, approximately 20” in diameter.  We harvest poplar bark in May and are looking to harvest 2 – 4 trees.

We pay $30 to $40 per tree, depending on size.  We will also trade for some of the products we make www.natureofthingsonline.com

For more information, contact Ken and Michelle Workowski at: