Ticks and Ag. Classification for Maple Syrup

I went on a walk in the woods with a friend last week, and when we got back in the car, I found a deer tick on his dog’s head. That means it’s time to start doing tick checks after being in the woods.

Landowners can get a big break on their property taxes if they are using their forests for commercial maple syrup production. Just putting a few taps out won’t get you the break, but if you meet the minimum requirements, it might be worth talking to the county assessor. If your trees are 18+ inches in diameter you need to have two to three taps per tree and at least 35 taps per acre. If your trees are less than 18 inches in diameter you need 50 taps per acre. Fifty taps per acre means you would have one tapped tree about every 30 feet. If you have 30 taps per acre on trees less than 18″ in diameter, 3/5ths of your sugar bush acres can be taxed at the ag. rate.