The beauty of a bird’s nest

This beautiful little nest was about 6 feet off the ground in an ash sapling at the edge of a field. I don’t know what species built it. It’s amazingly sturdy. I cut off the branch it was attached to and put it in my field vest. I hoped it would survive for the rest of the day in the woods, but I didn’t expect it to. Much to my surprise and delight, it made it.

It looks like outside is made of spider web, birch bark and leaves, and the inside is neatly lined with pine needles. I keep it in my office, and I marvel at it every time I see it. It’s fun to imagine a little bird constructing it, then hunkering down to raise its brood. Do any of you have an idea what species of bird builds a nest like this?

Update: Thanks to Andy at the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative. He thinks an American goldfinch nest.

Bird nest

Bird nest exterior

Bird nest interior