Porcupine highway

A porcupine trail in the snow

Have you ever seen a porcupine walking in the snow before? They are slow enough to follow and observe, and they don’t seem to be bothered by company as long as you don’t get too close. They plod along until they get to the tree they are eating in.

When I saw this trough in the snow, I assumed it was a porcupine. I couldn’t see the tracks because it snowed the night before. I followed the trail for a time since it was generally going in the direction I was. I hoped to find where it was denned up. There are many hollow trees in this forest, and it is probably using one for its home. I eventually had to break off from the porcupine trail when it veered down into a valley.

I was back at the same property several days later, and I came across its trail again. I still couldn’t find a good track, but from the tracks I could find, I’m confident it’s a porcupine. Their low bodies and bushy trails drag in the snow making a trough. This porcupine didn’t stay on the ground on its trail either. It walked up on fallen logs too. It sure was fun to think of this porcupine trundling through the woods and walking over fallen tree bridges.

Did you know that people have kept porcupines as pets? They are affectionate if they are domesticated when they are young, and they keep their quills down as long as they don’t feel threatened. How would you like to take a pet porcupine on a walk around the block?