Educational Services

Kickapoo Woods Cooperative is unlike other forestry cooperatives- we combine education and forest management services to help you achieve your property management goals. KWC education events cover many subjects and everyone is welcome to attend. Members of KWC receive discounts on most fee based programs.

Landowner Focused Education Programs & Publications

KWC educational services include classes, events, workshops, and newsletters which provide information and guidance to support stewardship and enjoyment of your woodlands. 


Education Services

KWC offers educational services so landowners can easily access information.

At our workshops you can learn to:

  • Determine objectives for a management plan
  • Care for and get to know your own woods
  • Use a chainsaw safely
  • Explore the diversity of forest products

Workshops Offered

“KWC educational workshops cover topics that you can’t find anywhere else.”KWC Member

Chainsaw Safety Training

Kickapoo Woods Cooperative coordinates Chainsaw Safety training workshops annually. These workshops are designed to minimize woodland worker injury and improve efficiency. Trainings are lead by certified SAWW (Safety and Woods Worker) instructors. Participants who successfully complete a course level will receive SAWW certification. There are 4 Levels offered by Kickapoo Woods Cooperative. Our calendar of events lists training schedules and space availability.  Those in need of Chainsaw Safety Training are encouraged to register.  If no classes are currently offered you will be given the option to be put on a waiting list and notified when training becomes available.  Level 1 & Level 2 are usually offered in the spring of each year and occasionally in the fall if registration numbers allow.  Level 3 & Level 4 trainings are scheduled bi-annually or sooner as registration allows.  KWC hosted Chainsaw Safety Trainings are open to anyone in need of them.  Participants must be at least 18 years old to attend.

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Landowner Woods Walks

One of the most acclaimed benefits of KWC membership is the woods walk. One of our professional foresters will walk your woods with you, tell you what they see, and reflect on the management goals you share with them. This service is also available for a fee for non-members. Contact our office for current rates and availability.

Forest Products and Maintenance Workshops

KWC also holds workshops and seminars on important topics regarding the effective maintenance and utilization of your forests. Topics such as shiitake mushrooms, maple syrup, emerald ashborer infestation, tax seminars, and forest thinning are just a few of the ever popular programs offered by Kickapoo Woods Coop Education services. Visit our calendar to view upcoming programs.



About Membership:

Support the work of KWC by becoming a forestry cooperative member, and get benefits of learning and networking with a dynamic group of engaged woodland owners.

Members of KWC can enjoy discounts on programs and have access to valuable management resources.


(1) Forestry Management Services

Providing quality, professional forest management services at favorable rates, our  foresters are ready to assist you with:
– development of management plans for Managed Forest Law (MFL), stewardship, or tree planting
– timber sale administration
– meeting your objectives for sustainable management, ecosystem restoration or wildlife habitat development or restoration

MEMBER BENEFITS: access to a resource directory of professional contractors, goods and services that we recommend … and preferential treatment with our consulting foresters

(2) Educational Services

KWC offers educational services so landowners can easily access information.  At our workshops you can learn to:
– determine objectives for a management plan
– care for and get to know your own woods
– use a chainsaw safely
– explore the diversity of forest products

MEMBER BENEFITS: discounts on workshops, some are free!


The Kickapoo Woods Cooperative offers numerous beneficial services to it’s members. From educational and forestry management services, KWC proves itself a valuable partner in Sustainable Forest Management.

Through our educational events, landowner woods walks, and quarterly newsletter, KWC provides the information, resources and guidance to support utilization, stewardship, and enjoyment of your own woodlands.

Whether you want to enter the State’s MFL (Managed Forest Law) Program, learn about forest restoration, invasive species control or sell timber, the Kickapoo Woods Cooperative has the skills and professional knowledge to help you meet your management goals.

Support sustainable forestry and the work of KWC by becoming a cooperative member. Get the benefits of learning and networking with a dynamic group of engaged woodland owners.


“I’ve always been a “hands-on” learner and have learned a lot through the experiences of others as well as through my own mistakes. The educational resources and events I’ve found through KWC offer the perfect mix of “hands-on”, co-operative education and forward thinking.”KWC Member
Sustainable Forestry Services