Kickapoo Woods Cooperative Services

Education Services

KWC offers educational services and workshops to those interested in learning more about their woodlands. KWC classes, events, workshops, and quarterly newsletter provide information and guidance to support your utilization, stewardship, and enjoyment of your woodlands.  KWC Education Services help you reach your property management goals.


Forestry Services

KWC professional foresters have the expertise and knowledge base necessary to help landowners in the Driftless Region manage their forest resources effectively and sustainably.
You can count on us to help you meet your goals and objectives. We work for you, the landowner.



About Us

  • Our History
  • Founding Principles
  • Sustainable Chronicle 
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KWC Board & Staff

  • Meet KWC Board of Directors
  • Meet KWC Staff
  • How to become a board member
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Photo Gallery

  • KWC Workshop photos
  • Driftless Landscape photos
  • Woodland Wonders photos
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Get Involved

  • Share your knowledge of the natural world
  • Volunteer at events and workshops
  • Host a workshop on your property
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Resource Directory

  • Find property management resources 
  • Gain insight on financial incentives and cost share programs
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 Sustainable Forestry

  • Sound management strategies
  • Continuation of ecological benefits 
  • Read success stories
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We Work For You…

Kickapoo Woods Cooperative – Trusted Forestry Professionals providing Education and Sustainable Forestry Management Services to landowners in the Driftless Region
Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable Forestry

Working Together with our Forests:
Focusing our efforts on forest management and education, the Kickapoo Woods Cooperative works with landowners, public and private foresters, loggers, sawmill operators, secondary wood manufacturers, and other resource professionals in the region to create a broad, positive impact on the local forest industry and community.

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What We Do

What We Do

Quality Forestry Services:
The Kickapoo Woods Cooperative ensures the availability of quality forestry services to members. Our professional foresters facilitate sustainable woodland management and harvesting, enhance the ecological and economic value of member woodlands, generate income for members, creates jobs and spur economic development, and minimize capital investment. We work for you, the landowner.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Dedicated To Sustainable Forestry:
Sustainable forestry is a practice that incorporates air, water, and soil resources, as well as forest vegetation for comprehensive ecosystem management.  Sustainable forestry recognizes the recreation and economic benefits, as well as, the intrinsic value of land and nature, and seeks to retain that value for long-term benefit.  Kickapoo Woods Cooperative strives to create and maintain functional forests that will be healthy and resilient into the future.

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Our Newsletter

In this issue of of the Kickapoo Sustainable Post:

  • Burning Questions
  • The Skydance
  • Birch Trees Wanted
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KWC will see your woodland projects through from start to finish! A service you can not get from 90% of other plan writers!